Tumors have been “aggressively shrinking”!

Mark G. wrote me in January 2014:

My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with a return of cancerous tumors in her throat/lymph nodes area.  She had them removed through surgery and radiation two years ago. This time they were wanting to do the same thing. She has been really nervous with thoughts of having to go through it all over again. … a couple of weeks ago we started her juicing 5 lbs. of carrots a day and I am happy to say that when she went to the surgeon for a consultation, he said from the time of her ultrasound to the recent scan, which was a couple of weeks, the tumors have been “aggressively shrinking”.

February 9, 2014 update:

The doctor said that there was no trace of cancer left and that she would not even need radiation. We are both thrilled!  Thank you so much for helping to spread this important information about juicing with carrots.  Because of caring people like you and Ralph we were able to try something that has done more than we could have hoped for. We are also trying to tell as many people as possible.