His lungs are completely CLEAR!!

Nicki wrote on April 17th, 2014:

Thank you SOO MUCH for sharing this information! six months ago there is a spot in his x-ray, followed by CT scan they found 4 spots, the biggest one measuring 1.9 cm and it is reported as suspicious of primary bronchogenic carcinoma, in short they believe it was lung cancer. My husband never smoked. We were shocked, but then we decided not to go further with treatment. I found Ann’s post about her lung tumors and first thing I did was bought a juicer, and I started juicing 5 lbs of carrots every morning. We did not miss any day! His skin turned just slightly orange but no one said anything. in addition, I made him Chinese white fungus and pear soup daily and he takes reishi supplement. Now, six months later, just before Good Friday, on his second x-ray after 6 months was reported that his lungs is completely CLEAR, no spots whatso ever. PRAISE THE LORD! we are very grateful that we found this very valuable information. We are So happy and relieved. THANK YOU!!